Fall & Spring Service Days

About Fall & Spring Service Days

Since 2004, Entrepreneurs Foundation member companies have gathered once or twice a year to benefit an elementary school, a non-profit organization, or help maintain a park. Service days offer companies opportunities not only to give back in physical ways (ie., volunteering) but in ways that help build teams and contribute to successful corporate cultures. It is always daunting to look at a blighted campus when we arrive in the morning, then so inspiring to look at what we accomplished as 200, 300, 400 or even 500 of us came together. We have rehabilitated blighted school landscapes, painted school buildings (inside & outside), built playscapes, helped teachers create lesson plans, games and board exhibits. For several years, we have helped Austin’s underfunded and undermanned parks and recreation department maintain Zilker’s nature trails
botanical gardens and Nature & Science Center. We helped the Sustainable Food Center build the largest community gardens in Austin.

For EF’s Spring Service Day in 2013, more than 565 volunteers, including team members from 23 companies, donated 3,400 volunteer hours to make an enormous impact at Brooke and Linder Elementary Schools in East Austin. Highlights of the day included:

-created a new running track, and re-graveled two existing tracks
-moved and laid 95 tons of limestone
-spread 60 yards of mulch and 20 yards of organic top soil
-spread 8 gallons of Bermuda grass top seed
-re-striped 3 parking lots with 25 gallons of yellow paint
-re-striped school fire lanes and traffic areas with 5 gallons of red paint
-prepped painting areas with 2,040 feet of paper and 9,720 feet of tape
-painted interior and exterior walls and doors with 98 gallons of paint
-trimmed 75+ bushes and trees to address safety concerns at schools
-transformed two cafeterias that serve over 1,500 students
-created a shaded outdoor teaching classroom